About Connie & The Ranch

CONNIE SPARKS has been involved with the horse world for over four decades.  She’s done everything from dressage and hunter/jumper to Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred racing to being a cowgirl.  Her approach to riding is always horse-centered:  she wants both the horse and the rider to be centered and balanced.

Though nothing we do with a horse is truly “natural,” Connie has a way of seeing the world through the horse’s eyes – and seeks to help everyone she comes into contact with see the world as the horse does.  This results in a deeper relationship between horse and rider.

Connie has worked with a variety of different trainers, including Georges Mallaroni, Sophie Clifton, Gerd Herschner, Cindy Gidlewski, Dr. Mike Guerini, C.A. Carruthers, and Vic Vicroy.  Spanning disciplines from 3-Day Eventing to real cattle ranch roping, Connie is comfortable working with horses in virtually any setting one could imagine.

In addition to insuring that all the horses at Epona thrive year-round, Connie also maintains a ranch that includes cows, calves, chickens – and of course, some dogs and cats.  The ranch environment allows for both learning and relaxation, and many of the people who board their horses at Epona also enjoy doing work around the ranch.  This setting also allows children to see animals being born, and to learn about the work that it takes to keep animals healthy and happy.